Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys to Restore Peter Witt Car #8042

Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys, the well-known local organization whose thrust is to operate light rail excursions and, in so doing, raise funds for the restoration of former Philadelphia trolleys, has a new project on its plate - the restoration to operating condition of former Philadelphia Transportation Company Peter Witt streetcar #8042, which currently resides in display status at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in Washington, Pennsylvania.

There were 535 Peter Witts on PTC, #8500-8534. In March, 1958, three cars were sold: #8530 to a private family in central Pennsylvania, where it remains today, and #8042 and #8534, which were sold to Bob Borzell and Earl Johnston, who were connected with the fledgling trolley museum in Tansboro, NJ. The 8042 ran under its own power at Tansboro in June, 1970, with the late Ed Torpey at the controls. Sadly, the museum at Tansboro never really took off, and its collection was moved to Buckingham, PA under the name of Buckingham Valley Trolley Association. In the early 1980's, the collection moved again, this time to Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. The 8042 went to Scranton, PA, as part of today's Electric City Trolley Museum.

The 8534, meanwhile spent some time at SEPTA, operating on excursions before also travelling to Scranton. In 2005, the Electric City group offered #8042 to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, whose tracks are broad gauge. (Thanks to Member Ed Springer and friends for much of the above information.) The 8534 now resides non-operational in Scranton.

FPT is seeking donations to restore #8042 to operating condition at the museum in Washington, PA. Donations should be forwarded to: Friends of Philadelphia Trolleys, Inc., P. 0 Box 33397, Philadelphia, PA 19142. The 8042 is inside, and Philadelphia Chapter members are urged to support this very worthwhile effort.


[added 11/24/16]