"The Last Train of the Week"

Here's a story about the Pennsylvania Railroad's Whitemarsh Branch, which ran from Allen Lane to Fort Washington. Some of the right-of-way is today covered by PA Route 309 in Springfield and Whitemarsh Townships, Montgomery County.

At the location where the Branch crossed over Germantown Avenue there was a tiny, but surprising well-kept shelter for inbound passengers, named "Germantown Road", at the north end of the bridge.

One Friday evening, the last train of the week was inbound so, of course, there were no passengers aboard and the conductor was up front with the engineer. As they passed the Germantown Road shelter, they realized there were two people standing there so they stopped and backed up, and a man and a woman climbed aboard.

They said they weren't familiar with the neighborhood, but saw the Pennsylvania Railroad station sign and figured there would be a train along after a while. The conductor informed them that "while" would have been until Monday morning!!

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Contributed by Paul Kutta; written by Chapter Member C. Bruce Irvin for Lancaster Chapter, NRHS' Lancaster Dispatcher.