A Message from the Delaware-Lackawanna Management Team


(For those visiting Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Scranton area in particular, David Monte Verde, President of GVT Rail, parent of the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, has asked the railfan media to publish the following letter to our community. Your cooperation is absolutely essential in order to maintain a good relationship while on D-L property.)

To the Rail Enthusiast Community

The Delaware-Lackawanna is not anti-railfan, With the recent repainting of several of our locomotives, the onset of the beautiful fall foliage and blue skies, the D-L has been swarming with railfans. In a number of cases, railfans are trespassing, harassing D-L employees, and had a total disregard for safety. There have been fans perched on tie piles, with a general disrespect for private property. There was one incident where a few buffs were standing in the gauge at Bridge 60 in Scranton, were asked to leave, and resorted to abusive language to the D-L conductor.

We have also had an influx of phone calls from rail enthusiasts wanting to know what, where and when a train will be moving. These calls are a huge distraction, especially to the dispatcher who has to put a call on hold to answer an unnecessary phone call a busy day. Most veteran fans are aware that Train PT-98 runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with Trains LL-1 and SC-7 operating random days. Therefore, if you show up at 8 AM at Bridge 60, and observe from a safe public vantage point, you will see the various trains being made up and be able to reason what's up for the day.

The D-L, to be sure, is a very active railroad and our men and women are out there working, and not playing. The D-L is very accommodating to our respectful and loyal fans and always will be! There exist plenty of operating hazards in the rail industry, and our employees should not face the burden of protecting individuals who are trespassing on railroad property by standing in the gauge, crossings, or making foul comments toward our people. Veteran railfans need to act as a mobile advisory corps and maintain the order which will keep them, as well as the D-L, safe, avoiding calls to local law enforcement agencies.

Most employees of the D-L love trains and our Aleo locomotives, and understand the attraction. But, please consider how your actions affect the employees as well as your safety. Respect the fact that each D-L employee's safety, well-being and attitude is affected as fans swarm them when they are attempting to do an efficient and safe job.

Take photos, enjoy the newly-painted locomotives running through the beautiful rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. But, please do so at a safe distance and off railroad property.


Thank you to our dedicated and loyal railfan base.

The Delaware-Lackawanna Management Team
October, 2016