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05-02-2017 07:49 - 2 months ago
@Cristoforo123 can you please tell me the 4 digit bus number/bus route that passed you, exact bus stop & headed to…

05-01-2017 19:50 - 2 months ago
@Gongzzilla Thanks for providing this additional info. I have passed your comments along to our team in order to be…

05-01-2017 19:28 - 2 months ago
@Gongzzilla Hi Andy, can you please provide me with the 4 digit bus number? -ER

05-01-2017 18:50 - 2 months ago
RiverLINE service resumes operating on or close to schedule in both directions following earlier delays due to a disabled train.

05-01-2017 18:48 - 2 months ago
@Lady_Berde Hi, please follow this link to use our trip planner to assist in your travels. Thank you! -ER

05-01-2017 18:43 - 2 months ago
@leechristopher I apologize for this experience, Christopher. Can you please specify your location & provide a desc…

05-01-2017 17:28 - 2 months ago
RiverLINE service is currently operating with 20 minute delays in both directions due to a disabled train in Bordentown.

05-01-2017 15:31 - 2 months ago
Bus services traveling from downtown Philly area have resumed normal routing in Philly. Bus services are now operating on/close to schedule

05-01-2017 15:13 - 2 months ago
Buses traveling from downtown Philly area are subject to delays of up to 15 min due to demonstration on 9th St between 13th St & Market St.

05-01-2017 14:59 - 2 months ago
@tweetyfeeney Hi Melissa! I have reached out to the specialist assigned to your case requesting that they contact y…